Monday, April 13, 2009

We were taking our Easter walk in Owen Park when the Peeps flew in to celebrate in their own way

The Peeps Fly in to Owen Park for Easter
It was beautiful yesterday afternoon in Owen Park. The morning's sunny skies grayed over, and the muted afternoon light made a perfect background for the dried brown and russet prairie plants and grasses, soon to be burned to regenerate the oak savanna. It was peaceful and quiet, and we had the place to ourselves. Until suddenly, with a cacophony of cheeping and peeping, a flock of Peeps came flying in -- as if out of the blue, but they were the blue. Not sure I would have believed it, if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes.

The Peeps Fly in to Owen Park for EasterIt was not hard to see why they would like to get away from people and celebrate by themselves on this day. They were probably tired of being hunted, stuffed in baskets and otherwise abused. A quiet day in the country must have seemed like just the ticket. Some seemed to enjoy just relaxing on the porch and watching the view.

The Peeps Fly in to Owen Park for EasterThe kids were more interested in active pursuits. One tried driving a "tractor." Tree climbing and rock climbing were popular activities. The more sedentary took seats in the home theater of the absurd. And when, rain threated later in the aftrnoon, some took shelter in a cave-like rock outcropping. And then, suddenly, they all were gone. We watched them fly away as suddenly as they arrived. They must have had miles to go before they slept. (Complete set of photos here.)

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