Thursday, May 07, 2009

Down at Victor Allen's Coffee, trying out my Eee PC -- the little netbook that roars like a lion

The Little Netbook That Roars Like a Lion
I dearly love my nearly seven-year-old iMac desktop computer with the obsolete operating system (OSX 10.2). It still works fine with the software I've got (and all my photos and data are backed up in case the hard drive finally gives out). But there is a lot of stuff it just won't run, including the latest version of Flash.

The iMac needs a helper, something to run more recent software, and something wireless I can use to download photos and post them on the internet when I travel. Something about the size of a small MacBook would be nice -- but even smaller and much less expensive would be great, something cheap enough not to have to worry about it on the road. My new Asus Eee PC 1000HE fits the bill. Sure, it just runs Windows XP Home Edition, not OSX with whatever sleek animal extension Apple is giving them now, but I love it anyhow.


Anonymous said...

Interesting -- and the price is right, but did you have to then buy lots of new software, e.g., Photoshop, word processing?

Madison Guy said...

Good question. It seems strange to load up a cheap device with expensive software. Personally, I'm starting to do more and more of my computing in the "cloud" -- using Google's online word processor, Google Docs. But if someone wants applications on their computer, it comes with StarOffice 8 installed, which reads and writes MS Office files. For simple photo editing I'm going to download some of the excellent freeware out there, once I get some virus protection set up. For more complicated visual stuff I'll just use Photoshop on the old iMac desktop.