Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Newly reopened Parfrey's Glen still shows many signs of last June's disastrous flooding

Parfrey's Glen
Parfrey's Glen reopened in time for the Memorial Day weekend after months of repair work following the disastrous flash flooding caused by the torrential rains last June.

Parfrey's GlenMature trees were uprooted, boulders were tossed like beach balls, trails were washed out, and boardwalks were smashed like matchsticks. In some places, Parfrey's Glen Creek dammed itself up with debris and carved new channels, as a near-Biblical torrent came running off the hills of the Baraboo range. As the waters surged through the narrow gorge, they gave a powerful demonstration of water's ability to sculpt our environment and, despite the cleanup, examples are still visible throughout Parfrey's Glen.

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Dr Bud Diablo, Changling said...

You have a flair for atmospheric shots of damp enclaves where moss covers the rocks and swirling clouds of bugs fill the air. Nice photo.

You fail to note, though, that two gnomes are peering at you from behind the mangled tree roots to the right. This often happens with UFO photos too. You snap a pic of a moonlit lake and only later discover an alien craft in the sky overhead. A place called "Parfrey's Glenn," which sounds right out of Wasington Irving, would ahve to be hangout for Little Folk.