Saturday, June 06, 2009

A moment in Eden, where the animals are curious and unafraid

The Animals in Eden Are Curious and Unafraid
An incredibly beautiful walk this afternoon: On our way to Pluto (another story), we walked a few miles on the Military Ridge Trail into the afternoon sun west of Riley's. With the slanting, late afternoon light and the incredible greens all around us, it was like strolling through Eden. Bicyclists rolled by by quietly, and we passed the occasional pedestrian or runner. This doe seemed as entranced by the scene as we were. She stood quietly in the tall grass along the trail, watching the passing parade, unafraid, showing no inclination to run from the people passing by. We gazed at each other across the species divide -- two living creatures silently acknowledging each other. I raised my camera and squeezed off a frame.

The Spell Is BrokenIn the silence, my SLR seemed loud even to me. And with the mirror slap and shutter curtain snapping across the focal plane, the fallen world returned. This was not a sound the doe was familiar with. It spelled danger, and so she was off in a couple of great, leaping bounds. She raced across the open field and disappeared into the underbrush in the distance. The end of a magic moment.

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Rich said...

Great story and incredible shots.