Tuesday, June 23, 2009

One of the great joys of summer

The Joys of Summer
Does anything feel better on a hot summer day than to ride a bike in sandals, with the wind flowing through your toes? No toe clips for me. Of course, I won't win any races this way, but I'm more of a dreamer and a roamer than a racer anyhow.

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Dr Bud "Hammer Toe" Diablo said...

It's been a while since you've continued your FEET FEETURES series, so I'm glad to see this new addition. My interest is not fetishistic but podiatric; although I'm not formally trained in podiatry, the study of it is a hobby of mine. A leveraged hedged credit swap of options on futures is simple compared to the structure of the human foot, with its 26 bones and innumerable connector things.

MadGuy, you may not want to swap the cool freedom of sandals for a pair of those clubby orthopedic shoes, but you need to be fitted for a pair mucho pronto. Your feet are flattening visibly, and will soon overhand both your sandals and your bike pedals. Apparently you sense this, as you took a trip to see if Stephens Falls is wheelchair accessible. Many podiatrists offer a free inital exam. DISCLAIMER: The preceding remarks do not constitute diagnostic impressions or treatment recommendations.