Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Trying to keep up with Mayor Dave and his gang of bikers in my car

Trying to Keep Up with our Biking Mayor in My Car
Interested bicyclists met up with Mayor Dave Cieslewicz this morning on Hillington Green to bike to work downtown via the Southwest Bike Path as part of Madison's Bike to Work Week.

Trying to Keep Up with our Biking Mayor in My CarSince I don't work downtown, I didn't take my bike, but I thought I'd try to keep up in my car, taking photos along the way. The general idea was to document the start, catch the bike mob at a few intersections and then photograph them at the finish line, Monona Terrace.

Would I be able to get there ahead of them? Which is faster during the morning rush hour -- a bike or a car? Find out at this time-stamped Flickr set. The photos are geotagged -- a frustrating exercise since Yahoo Maps doesn't show bike paths. But at least you can track the bikers' progress in a general sort of way.

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