Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The weather was perfect this morning, so we rode our bikes to the Wednesday Farmers' Market

Wednesday Farmers' Market
It's not as large as its weekend cousin, the Dane County Farmers' Market, which stretches all the way around the Capitol Square on Saturday with hundreds of vendors. But the Wednesday Farmers' Market, just a block off the Square on Martin Luther King Jr Blvd., has an intimate, one-block sweetness all its own.

Bike ElevatorWe figured we would probably offend the bicycle gods if we drove to the Square during Madison's Bike to Work Week, so we rode our bikes downtown to Monona Terrace on the Southwest Bike Path. We took the Monona Terrace bike elevator to street level, and the Farmers' Market was just across the street when we came out.

Child TrainWe browsed the herbs, plants and flowers. Bought some veggies. Almost bumped into Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk, who had her eye more on the flowers than the foot traffic, as did we. And just before we left we had to stop for a train. A child train.

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