Sunday, July 12, 2009

Art Fair on the Square

Cubist Art Fair
A single perspective doesn't seem to do justice to what happens when tens of thousands of people meet hundreds of artists and craftspeople on a warm summer weekend. I set the D90 on Multiple Exposure Saturday and let it pursue a more Cubist vision (view large on black.)

Beautiful weather made for great crowds over the weekend (not nearly as hot and humid as mid-July is most years), but according to early reports, the economic weather made for soft sales, and artists are struggling.
"They're struggling. They're having a really hard time this year," said Art Fair on the Square organizer Katie Symansky-Hunter. "In the past they've sold out at certain shows, and haven't been able to make it to other shows. And I've talked to some artists whose income has been cut in half this year."

Organizers said that the Art Fair on the Square has typically been one of their vendors' bright spots of the year.
We won't know till the final sales are tallied if enough visitors opened their wallets to make that true this year.

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Dr Bud Diablo, vicariously active senior said...

Bravo! This shot perfectly captures the jittery inability to focus that I always experience when wondering amongst all those ceramic owls, clay pots, and "multimedia" creations made of feathers, Scrabble tiles, and what-have-you plastered onto canvas.

I felt some guilt about skipping the Art Fair again this summer, but your photo reaffirmed me in my decision. I was also in the area of Marquette Fete on Saturday night and considered stopping, but I thought, "MadGuy's already here. He'll photograph it and report on it." And so you were, and so you did.

I'm sure I speak for others as well in thanking you for serving as our proxy at all these fairs and festivals. Since I started following your blog, I haven't attended a single one.