Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bridging the lagomorph-human gap only goes so far before giving way to the startle response

Startle Response
We went for a walk along Lake Mendota last night and stopped by Allen Centennial Gardens on the UW campus. We came across this curious bunny on the little lawn where weddings are held behind the pergola. He held his ground and did not run right off the way rabbits usually do. Instead, he looked right at us and even hopped a bit closer for a better look. It was as if he wanted to make friends. Until instinct took over. Then he took off in a leaping, elongated blur.


"Doc" Bunny Diablo, who knows what's up said...

MadGuy, if you want to narrow the human-rodent gap, you first need to recruit a rodent. Rabbits are not rodents but lagomorphs, and are actually more closely related to horses than to mice or squirrels. If you referred to the bunny out loud as a rodent, that's probably what startled him and provoked his flight.

I do like the photo. The superimposition of color upon black-and-white can create some striking effects. Let's see some more.

Madison Guy said...

Doc Bunny Diablo, thanks. That's why I blog -- to learn from my readers. I really didn't know that -- my education must have been defective in the zoological sciences. Lagomorph it is, then.

Gabrielle said...

Wow, that's a great shot! I haven't been able to get that close to the bunnies around here, although I keep trying (close for a picture, that is, not close to touch them.)