Thursday, July 02, 2009

Grand Central towers skyward -- luxury rental units in the heart of the UW campus

New Luxury Apartments Tower Skyward
The real estate development boom of the last few years left Madison with a glut of unsold homes and condos when it cooled, but there is one kind of new development that is still doing well -- luxury rental housing for students near campus. The new $20-million-plus Grand Central development is mostly rented for the fall semester. It's the most expensive residential development launched in Dane County the last two years. Rents start at $1,195 for a one-bedroom and top out at $3,175 for a four-bedroom with a den. Residents can also reserve the 13th-floor party deck. "Developers have found students are willing to pay those higher rents for apartments with all the amenities," UW facilities planner Gary Brown tells The Capital Times.

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froggyprager said...

it is a nice looking building and does not seem too big to me (unlike University Square). Great shot. Location is everything and I bet the proximity to the busienss school, law school, education, etc. was part of why people wanted to live here.

I wonder what all these high rise rentals are doing to the rental market for flats and older apartments that have been around for years. I would hope the prices for some of those dumps would come down but I hope that somehow there could be more incentives to renovate the older flats or turn them into single family homes.