Sunday, July 19, 2009

There's still time to get your free Blooming Butterflies tickets

There's Still Time to get Your Free Blooming Butterflies Tickets
Woohoo! Our two free tickets to the Blooming Butterflies show at Olbrich Botanical Gardens came in the mail yesterday (a $10.00 value). It's the annual event for which they hatch hundreds of butterflies and release them to fly free and live out their life spans in the Bolz Conservatory to the delight of visitors young and old. I won my tickets by answering a few quiz questions about Olbrich Gardens from their website. There's still time for you to send in your answers by July 29 and get your own free tickets. Just click here. If I can get the quiz questions right, anyone can.


Dr Bud Diablo, Bug Zapper said...

You're right that any dolt can ace the quiz. The answers can be found simply by browsing the Olbrich website. I was going to save your readers some "sleuthing" by posting the answer key, but I suppose we don't want to spoil the fun for the few who might actually find it a challenge to locate them.

When I submitted my quiz, I got a reply email stating that quizes are scored on Wednesdays and tickets are mailed on Thursdays, so your readers have plenty of time to think about their answers and check their work.

Last year, I attended "Swarming Skeeters," but I can't say I enjoyed it. They had a posted ban on deet, and monitors stationed inside to make sure you didn't swat at the clouds of mosquitoes. I would think mosquitoes imported from the tropics could carry malaria, but maybe that risk was supposed to contribute to the excitement.

Gabrielle said...

Hi, thanks for the tip. I'm new in town and looking for fun, cheap or free things to do. And yes, it was easy to find the answers, but interesting to learn new things.