Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Vote for the Dane County Farmers' Market (and my photo) at the Huffington Post

Voting for Our Farmers' Market (and My Photo) at the Huffington Post
We didn't take Little Oscar to the Wednesday Farmers' Market, for fear that he would get trod underfoot. Instead, we left him watching a picture of where we were going. It's my photo from a few weeks ago that the Huffington Post used this week in its story about the top ten farmers' markets in the country. They asked readers to vote on their favorite, and when Oscar tuned in, the Dane County Farmers' Market was rated Number One. He voted early and often to try to keep it there. You can cast your vote here.


Dr Bud Diablo, Precinct Captain said...

Are you asking us to stuff the box? If so, you might want to give your minions a little more guidance.

As I understand the Huffington tourney, the voter rates each of 10 farmers markets on a scale of 1 t0 10, with 10 being the most favorable rating. Naturally, you want us to bestow a 10 upon Madison's market--and your photo. Do you want us to rate the other nine markets as 1s? I hope so.

In 1957, the Cincinnati fans managed to elect Reds to 7 of the 8 starting positions in baseball's All-Star game. The Cincinnati Enquirer abetted this effort by printing pre-marked ballots that readers could submit by the bushel.

Many sports fans and journalists deplored this maneuver. I, however, continue to admire it as a pristine example of democracy in action. In a democracy, the victory goes not to the "right" candidate or view, but to whatever forces of corruption are best organized.

We can win this, MadGuy, jsut like the Cincy fans did. We need to pound the Austin TX market and similar competitors with '1' ratings. Software exists that will flood the poll with them.
Soon, markets in other cities will be eating our organic dust, and your photo will attain globe-girdling notority.

The Cincy affair resulted in a protracted controversy that led to the All-Star vote being taken away from fans. Hopefully, something like that will happen to us, igniting a firestorm of protest that will generat even more publicity.

Citizen Reader said...

Fabo! I voted for you; great picture. Good luck!

Dr Bud Diablo, The Human Hammer said...

I just hammered more "coffin nails"--the term we internet raters use for 1's--into the Farmers' Markets of Austin, Santa Fe and Seattle. We're going to take it to the house, Madison Guy. That photo of shiny heaps of blueberries in baskets didn't really deserve all those 1's, but we're not going to win this thing by giving credit where credit is due.

greenbushboy said...

I voted for you because your picture was the only one which truly encompassed the entire zeitgeist of a Farmer's Market in Madison, i.e. the State Capitol building where so many vegetables make their living.