Friday, July 24, 2009

What happened to Paul Krugman? Has he converted to faith-based healthcare reform?

What happened to Paul Krugman? Just a month ago in Not Enough Audacity he aimed these memorable words at President Obama:
The point is that if you’re making big policy changes, the final form of the policy has to be good enough to do the job. You might think that half a loaf is always better than none — but it isn’t if the failure of half-measures ends up discrediting your whole policy approach.

Which brings us back to health care. It would be a crushing blow to progressive hopes if Mr. Obama doesn’t succeed in getting some form of universal care through Congress. But even so, reform isn’t worth having if you can only get it on terms so compromised that it’s doomed to fail.
His enthusiastic endorsement of Wednesday night's performance makes no sense.

What happened? Has he given up and become an advocate of faith-based healthcare reform? Faith that, somehow, the tangled mess of special interest giveaways moving through Congress can, somehow, possibly work? Having the faith to cite Massachusetts as a good example? Believing that, with the right cost controls, the for-profit sharks will mend their ways?

I guess he got tired.

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