Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cycropia's performance at the Orton Park Festival -- mostly it was about enchantment

Saturday Night at Orton Park with Cycropia Aerial Dance
Saturday night the weather flirted with rain once again, but all it could come up with was a bit of misty drizzle now and then -- and a windy chill that felt colder than the mid-fifties, In other words, nothing to worry about, and this time the show could go on. The Cycropia Aerial Dance performance was about beauty and motion and dance. And flying. It was also about Mother Goose, Flamingo and The Little Weightlifter Who Could. Mostly, it was about enchantment. What they were watching.

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froggyprager said...

We were there Friday and left right before the rain. Glad the show was good. We were disappointed we did not get to see the performance. Maybe we can go next year. Great photos.