Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rockin' out with Locos por Juana at the Orton Park Festival Friday night

Rockin' Out with Locos por Juana at the Orton Park Festival
We went to see the Cycropia Aerial Dance Theater at the Orton Park Festival and got there near the end of the Locos por Juana set Friday night. Everyone seemed to be having a great time and ignoring the raindrops that were starting to fall and the lightning that flashed with ever more brilliant intensity and frequency.

The Storm Moved in Just as the Locos por Juana Set Was EndingThey hadn't quite finished when the heavens opened up -- vibrant flashes of light sliced the night sky, rain began to pelt down and the wind became a tempest. The band started to pack up, someone announced from the stage that people should take shelter. A major storm was approaching. The park emptied as people fled -- some taking refuge in the gazebo, while others headed for their cars or homes in the neighborhood.

The Cycropia Aerial Dance Theater's Friday Performance Was CanceledThe Cycropia Aerial Dance Theater performance we had come to see was canceled because a) Theirs is not an underwater art form (yet); b) Hanging from an oak tree is not a good place to be during an electrical storm; c) Standing in an oak grove is not a great place for an audience to be during an electrical storm.

That Storm That Closed the Orton Park Festival Friday NightThe storm that shut down the festival with its sudden sturm und drang had been building all evening, as a front moved in from the northwest. I took this picture of the gathering clouds from across the lake a couple hours earlier, during our bike ride to Olin Park. So beautiful. So wet and wild.

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