Monday, September 21, 2009

The night in Charleston I met the Katrina dog

Katrina Dog
I've been traveling on business and now I've got the flu, but I did want to mention this before I conk out and go back to bed: When I came back to my Best Western Downtown in Charleston after dinner the other night, there were two women who looked to be in their late thirties smoking up a storm on the bench outside the entrance. Squeezed between them were two huge eyes timidly looking out at the world from a tiny, long head.

"His name is Boo Boo," one of the women said. "He's a Katrina dog. He was born during the hurricane." Turns they were sisters who lived together in Columbia, SC, and they had adopted Boo Boo, who had found his way to Oklahoma City. They paid to have the terrified little guy flown to them. "He was so scared. When we looked in his cage we couldn't even see him. He was curled up way at the back."

Not long after they got Boo Boo home, he needed spinal surgery. "The pain was so bad he just cried all the time."

The surgery cost $3,000 they didn't have. "Relatives chipped in $500. We got a loan for the rest," she said. "But we can't do it again, so we worry..."

Love takes so many forms. Sometimes the news these days is so depressing you just want to give up on humans as a species. And then you come across someone like these two kind women investing all they've got and more in this tiny, traumatized creature.

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