Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sunday last day to rent a boat on Lake Wingra

After Tomorrow All of This Disappears
Tomorrow is your last chance this year to rent a boat on Lake Wingra. Wingra Boats closes for the season tomorrow -- marking the official end of summer for people who like to rent a boat for some summery paddling or sailing on Lake Wingra. Actually, it doesn't all disappear. The boats will be put into storage, the piers will be taken down, but a few posts will remain poking out of the water as a reminder of what once had been. And all too soon, the ice fishers will take over.


Donna said...

Your photos are always fabulous but lately they've had a different quality to them...still fabulous but the light or the color is different...please tell me it's not photoshop...or maybe I should just embrace it.

Thanks for your blog.

Madison Guy said...

Thanks, Donna -- no, it's not Photoshop, or a least not in the sense I think you mean. I do use Photoshop, but as someone who shot film much longer than digital, I use it to bring out what's already in what I'm photographing, not to create something completely new. Just as I used to use such things as filters, film camera settings and darkroom tools.