Wednesday, October 21, 2009

All dressed up for Freakfest but unable to move

All Dressed Up for Freakfest But Unable to Move
Who knows -- maybe it's fright. Who are those tall, thin guys with the triangular heads? Or maybe it's that the poor dear's feet are stuck in the mud.

No problem -- a week and a half is plenty of time to overcome any lingering paralysis and get down to State Street and join protesting zombies and thousands of others driven more by exhibitionism, music and alcohol than the hardcore ideology of the undead. For once, Freakfest 2009 is actually being held on Halloween Night -- Saturday, Oct. 31. Note: Advance tickets are $7.00, while they're $10.00 the day of the event. They're available from Ticketmaster and all over town (see list at the link.)

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