Tuesday, October 06, 2009

At the Laurel Tavern watching a former Packer retiree put on a football clinic

At the Laurel Tavern Watching a Former Retiree Put on a Football Clinic
You know how it goes. Everyone dreams of retiring someday, but when someday comes, a lot of people are ambivalent. Some feel they have skills that can still be productively employed, but often their employer wants to move on without them. Sometimes they're encouraged to retire (remember the $5 million the Green Bay Packers offered Brett Favre last year not to play?), sometimes they're shoved out. Or they just get tired and retire on their own. But soon hunting, fishing, golfing or sitting on the tractor -- whatever -- gets tiresome. They decide to go back to work. The Brett Favre saga seemed to involve a little bit of all of the above. Some, like Favre, choose to go back to work if they can. Often it doesn't work out. Sometimes it does.

Tonight the Packers gambled that they'd win if they could shut down the formidable running game of their arch rivals, the Vikings. They accomplished that goal, and in effect, dared Favre to beat them. Did the former retiree still have what it took to win a big game that mattered? Well, let's see -- the Vikings won, 30-23, and Favre had a career night: 24 of 31 for 271 passing yards, 3 TDs, no sacks and no interceptions. And a QB rating of 135.3. In his last game as a thirty-something, Favre added another record to his long string, becoming the only QB ever to beat all 32 NFL teams.

I don't get ESPN because I don't get cable, so I listened to the first half on radio and then watched most of the second half at the Laurel. As a radio listener, I was able to hear sportscaster Wayne Larrivee's immortal words as Favre picked apart the Packers pass defense.
Any true Packers fan is sick to his stomach at what Brett Favre is doing to the Packers.
The Vikings are 4-0 and lead the division, Favre will be 40 in his next game and says he just wants to play in another Super Bowl. I wouldn't necessarily bet against him.

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