Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Brian Williams gets down with an F-15 Eagle at Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan

Brian Williams Gets Down with an F-15 Eagle at Bagram Airfield
NBC News anchor Brian Williams did the evening news tonight from Afghanistan -- actually from an airplane hangar at Bagram Airfield. That's one heck of an airplane behind him, the F-15 Eagle. At first glance, I wondered whether this was a product placement spot. Does GE make the plane's powerful twin jet engines that are so strikingly featured in the background? Actually, no. They're one of the few things not made by GE. They're Pratt and Whitneys.

Suicide bombers have had quite a run in Afghanistan and Pakistan the last few days. To his credit, Willims did ask the base commander how you go after an urban suicide bomber with a weapon like the F-15. The commander replied that you don't. That we have special forces and intelligence agencies for that. What a mess.

The echoes of Vietnam are getting louder. As if things weren't bad enough this week, the New York Times reports that the CIA has been shoveling money at Afghan President Hamid Karzai's drug lord brother for eight years. Woo-hoo! Can anyone spell Iron Triangle? It's time for today's "best and the brightest," including President Obama, to show they can get it together and avoid another tragic quagmire.

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Rich said...

Did you say best and brightest and Obama in the same sentence?