Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Commuter returning from the 'rat race

I usually take still photographs, looking for that nearly mythical "decisive moment" that tells a story and, if everything works out, is visually interesting at the same time. I did take a number of stills of Mr. or Ms. Muskrat, but they looked like pictures of some sort of furry little log or something. This situation just seemed to call for video.

I think of this muskrat as a commuter returning home after a long day at the job (or as T put it, "the 'rat race," driving carefully, avoiding accidents and trying to enjoy the scenery on the long and tedious commute (this is just the very last leg). Finally the muskrat arrives home. Note the practiced ease with which it turns into the driveway, scarcely slowing its pace, and then skillfully glides right on into the garage, presumably to the warmth of the family hearth (though I imagine that this time of year Mr. and Ms. Muskrat are probably empty-nesters.)

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