Thursday, October 08, 2009

Green Heron making itself at home along the shores of Lake Wingra

Green Heron Closeup
Green Heron Striking a Picturesque PosePretty crappy weather today. The bad news was we had a gloomy afternoon, with a cold drizzle coating everything in a fine mist. The good news is there was virtually nobody on Lake Wingra, allowing a shy bird like this Green heron to prowl the shoreline and strike picturesque poses on the pilings.


cathy said...

I've had your picture of cranes on the Wingra shore as my desktop for a few months - now I have to think about changing to this one.

Anonymous said...

That's a totally gorgeous close-up of the green heron, Guy. And I love the other one, too. You're just getting better and better with that camera. I admire your talent and skill.