Friday, October 16, 2009

It was twilight, and the Sandhill Cranes were going for their evening walk along Lake Wingra

It's Twilight, and the Sandhill Cranes Are Going for their Evening Walk
It was the end of a long, dark, wet day. I was walking through the woods along the lake to get to my car, which I usually can't park on my block because street construction will trap it in the morning. All I saw was gloom, really. And then I saw the cranes. This is what usually happens when there are cranes. It's too dark or you have the wrong camera, the wrong lens or all of the above -- but it doesn't really matter. The magic is in the moment. When it passes. it becomes a wisp of memory. The photo is just a reminder.

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Wren said...

What is it about Sandhill cranes? I've never seen one in real life, but I've heard them passing impossibly high overhead, calling their strange calls. I've seen your photos of them, and each time you post one it just thrills me. I've just started reading "The Echo Makers". Sandhill cranes are described in beautiful, lyrical words in the beginning, and the birds, I think, will be woven in and out of the plot throughout the book. I'm smiling...