Friday, October 16, 2009

Laurie? Lorrie? What's in a name?

We read for as many reasons as there are books. Some are life changing. Some put us to sleep, and sometimes that's what we want. Some we seek out and can't wait to read. Some we pick up on a whim.

I couldn't sleep the other night and got up and spent a couple hours reading a book I picked up from the "new mystery" shelf at the library in a fit of idle curiosity, for the sole reason that it was written by "another" Lorrie Moore, one whose name is spelled Laurie: Woman Slaughtered -- News at Ten. Not the best reason to take out a book, and I wasn't even sure I would read it. Definitely in the whim department. But it ended up putting me to sleep at last, for which I'm grateful.

Part of new "romantic suspense series" about young Fort Worth TV reporter Amber Wicklow who used to be the victim of the mean girls in her sorority, one of whom now turns up dead. Amber, who has recently been dumped by her boyfriend, doesn't really solve anything, but rather is swept up by events. The book humorously details Amber's struggles to make it as a reporter at the TV station, despite her empathy and tendency to cry on camera, and her falling in love with a rough, tough, nutty but adorable sheriff. Oh, and some women go missing and are found murdered. Along the way she and a menopausal receptionist, Rochelle, become friends and unite against the detestable prick of an investigative reporter Tig, who lords it over everyone at the station.

The book ends after an encounter with a psychotic killer in which Amber thinks she's going to die but of course is saved instead. Also thinks she'll lose her job, instead is promoted to anchor. And gets the guy of her dreams, the goofy sheriff, but just as they're about to go to bed, he tells her to pack her bags because the psychotic killer has escaped from prison. Thus postponing the consummation of their love and setting up the sequel. Yawn, time to go to sleep.

I found out later that all of Amazon's reviewers give it five stars, but there were only two of them. One is the notorious Harriet Klausner -- "fast-paced yet quite amusing." Amazon also helpfully notes that after viwing this item, 67% of its customers buy the Laurie Moore book and 16% buy The Gate at the Stairs by the other Moore, the one whose book has a lot more reviews and whose name is spelled Lorrie.

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