Saturday, October 10, 2009

Nasty weather challenges but doesn't cancel Fifth Annual Giant Pumpkin Regatta

Giant Pumpkin Regatta
The show must go on, and it did. The Fifth Annual Pumpkin Regatta, cosponsored by the UW-Madison Horticulture Department and the Hoofers Sailing Club, took place this afternoon. The good news is that, unlike previous years, there were no major disasters to either contestants or spectators. The bad news is that, unlike previous years, this year's event took place in some of the nastiest early October weather in years. (Snow flurries welcomed us when we set off for the Farmers' Market earlier.)

Nevertheless, two intrepid competitors set off into stormy seas in their fragile craft, into stiff gale force winds out of the northwest, forced to do their utmost just to keep from getting blown into the treacherous rocks of the UW Memorial Union Terrace. The short video clip below probably gives a better idea of the challenges they faced than any still image.


Anonymous said...

Did you take the video with your Nikon?

Madison Guy said...

Yes I did. Not really the right subject for it, since the D90 doesn't autofocus while shooting video. I would have been better off shooting the video clip with my Coolpix but didn't think of it.