Thursday, October 22, 2009

On the day Windows 7 launched I installed iTunes and QuickTime on my XP netbook

It happened because I went to Apple's site to play the three hilarious new videos aimed at Microsoft's big day, and to play them I had to download QuickTime -- and iTunes came as a ride-along with another button click. Hey, why not? The whole thing seemed to have a real symbolic resonance.

I liked this video in particular, because it appears to be pointing at something I found very odd while reading David Pogue's review of Windows 7 in the NYT this morning. I wasn't fully awake, but it seemed to be a very positive report -- right until this paragraph brought me up short.
Upgrading from Vista is easy, but upgrading from Windows XP involves a “clean install”— moving all your programs and files off the hard drive, installing Windows 7, then copying everything back on again. It’s an all-day hassle that’s nobody’s idea of fun.

Microsoft doesn’t think XP holdouts will bother; it hopes that they’ll just get Windows 7 preinstalled on a new PC.
That's just mean. It's as if Microsoft wants to punish all those users -- many of them businesses -- who stuck with XP instead of upgrading to Vista. And Pogue doesn't mention another possibility. Maybe some of those "XP holdouts" will buy new computers, but maybe some of those computers will have Apple's Snow Leopard installed instead.

In the interest of full disclosure, our household runs on Macs for the most part. My XP notebook is just for taking places where I'd rather carry a small, cheap computer that can get me on the net. But we started out as PC users, mainly on account of cost. I gotta say, Microsoft sure is not doing much to tempt me back into the fold.

XP stays on the netbook. Actually, I don't think it could run Windows 7 anyhow, but if it could, I still wouldn't upgrade.

You can see all three Apple ads here.


Anonymous said...

i read where your netbook would need 2g hard drive and 2g ram and my netbook does not have that so i stay with xp.

but exactly like you say i am migrating to apple for the next computer purchase.

microsoft has really forked up their entire reason for existence.

i use mozilla firefox for more and more browsing as so many sites either freeze / lock up or just do not work on windows.


Hugh W said...

I have been running PC software on my Macintosh for more than 3 years by using a WinXP sp3 virtual machine on Parallels 4 on MacOS 10.3.11

Theoretically you could get a disk image and run your XP system on Win 7 as a VM too