Sunday, October 25, 2009

Saturday may have been the last day to do serious sun worshipping for a long time

Saturday May have Been the Last Day to Do This for a Long Time
Saturday was a near-perfect Indian Summer Day in Madison (OK, it might have been a bit warmer, but it wasn't bad). You take what you can get. Given the weather we've had in recent weeks and the weather they say we're going to have, it looks as if our Indian Summer window narrowed down to a single day this year. Madison was filled with sun worshippers transfixed by the sun, getting their fix while they could. It's a long time until spring.

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Anonymous said...

hello madison guy. just wanted to let you know that you have been on quite a photographic roll over the past two weeks or so here on this fine blog ( and your stream on flickr ) - quite a number of superb shots !! is it the light ? the crisping air as fall falls upon us ? maybe i enjoy your work because we are on the same latitude - i am on the west coast of michigan directly across the water from evanston illinois - and we had one of those sunny warm ( 63F ) afternoons we treasure so much here today so i can really relate to the shot of the person reclining on the sun drenched grass in your photo.

keep up the fine work !!!