Friday, November 06, 2009

Are we nearing the end of moviegoing as a shared social experience and does it matter?

The End Is NearI took this photo this afternoon in front of Blockbusters store on West Washington. It's just one location, but the fact is, everything is gonna move to the internets. I'm no great fan of Blockbuster, but I'll miss video rental stores when they're gone. Movies will increasingly be delivered online (Blockbuster is scrambling to catch up with NetFlix in the emerging online market). One more step toward our withdrawing from even the minimal social contact found in theaters, and even to some extent, video stores. Instead, we'll retreat even further into our own homes, our individual cocoons, wrapped up ever more snugly in our own solipsism. Or so it seems sometimes. What's really bad is when you start to think, "So?"

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froggyprager said...

nice photo and good post. I did not know they were closing. I will also miss video rental stores, I have not gone to NetFlix yet and I actually go to this Blockbuster a lot, but not any more. I like going here more than Video Station because they don't have late fees and we often don't get around to watching a movie right away and then end up paying late fees to Video Station. Not only will the social interation be lost but so will the jobs working in the brick and mortar stores. Most communities need all the jobs they can get these days.