Thursday, November 26, 2009

The day before Thanksgiving was another day of umbrella weather, but then it snowed

Umbrella Weather
The last couple of days have given Madison the dreariest kind of November weather -- dark, gray and gloomy, with a cold, all-day drizzle. Snow would definitely be an improvement.

First SnowAnd, just like that, we got our first snow Wednesday night. It couldn't make up its mind whether it wanted to be snow or rain, or whether it wanted to stick around. In the end it decided to hang around a little longer, although it was expected to melt later today. But at least it was here long enough for us to spell out our very best wishes for a happy Thanksgiving!

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Anonymous said...

Snow would definitely be an improvement.

um, no. wrong-o. snow is << never >> an improvement over anything. at anytime. 50 years of snow and ice and blizzards and ball shriveling cold and shoveling the gd stuff gives me the right to state this uneqivocally.

i have absolutely no idea why i did not head south the day after i graduated from high school.