Tuesday, November 10, 2009

If this was a trial balloon, I hope we can all help shoot it down

Trial Balloon? (I Sure Hope So)
This jumped out at me from the screen last night. I sure hope that it's just a trial balloon, and that Barack Obama hasn't actually made up his mind to morph into LBJ, who also was the peace candidate, once (against Barry Goldwater), before he escalated the Vietnam war and needlessly destroyed not only his presidency but all too many lives.

It could happen again in Afghanistan, "the graveyard of empires." Adding 40,000 troops now just makes it that much harder to pull them out, and all the more likely we'll be adding a lot more. Presidents need to stop thinking that having a large, powerful military at their disposal means they should routinely use it to try to achieve political and diplomatic objectives around the world. Our track record in that regard hasn't been all that great lately. Let the White House know you'd like to try something different.


Citizen Reader said...

This is NOT what I voted for. I am rapidly deciding the only thing worse than a war-starting Republican is a Democrat too dumb to get in the war-ending (or at least the war de-escalation) business.

Anonymous said...

now, you can never have enough war and death and destruction and qwagmires. for all of this brings prosperity and vast profit to the amerikan death and destruction war machine. and you are not against that surely. for if you are you are not being a true amerikan patriot and we may have to take a look at your papers.