Monday, November 16, 2009

Might be a bit early for the holiday lights, but it reminds us winter parking rules started Sunday

Holiday Fantasy in Lights with State Capitol in Background
They turned on the 21st annual Holiday Fantasy in Lights in Olin-Turville Park Saturday. The lights are all energy-saving LEDs this year. While I applaud the green intentions, I sort of miss the old incandescents. To my eye, the new bulbs look too cool and a bit unnatural in comparison. Our human visual perception did not evolve in the presence of light-emitting diodes. The spectral characteristics of incandescent lighting seem to better match the nighttime glow of a campfire that our species grew up with and finds satisfying. Still, I'm sure I'll get used to it eventually -- and the new lights do use a hell of a lot less energy.

Holiday Fantasy in LightsIt seems a bit early to put up the holiday lights, given how unseasonably warm it's been lately, not to mention that there's no snow on the ground yet. But it's a good wake-up call to remind us that winter parking rules went into effect yesterday. For those of us who have to do the alternate-side parking thing for the next four months (till March 15), this is the tricky part of the year. With no snow on the ground, it's easy to forget -- and wake up to a sizable parking ticket. They range from $20 and $30 to $60 -- depending on what zone you're in and whether there's a snow emergency.

So when you go to bed tonight, ask yourself if you know where your car is parked.


Anonymous said...

also saw the first holiday lights this past weekend. unfortunately also heard the first holiday / christmas music and thanksgiving is still a couple of weeks away. amerikan retailers hurting much and need the amerikan sheeple to go further into debt and spend $$$$ on crap that they do not need ??

Anonymous said...

A lot MORE energy could be saved by putting the lights up closer to Christmas!