Sunday, November 22, 2009

November 22 compared -- 2008 vs 2009

Lake Wingra Freezes in Black and White
I took this picture of Lake Wingra exactly a year ago today. This year the lake doesn't seem close to freezing, and the weather today was more like that of a warm day in early April than one in late November, except the grass was a bit greener than it usually is that early in April.

A Quiet Moment on the Southwest Bike Path, November 22, 2009This is what it looked like during an unusually quiet moment on the Southwest Bike Path. Most of the day it looked more like the Beltline at rush hour, with bicyclists, roller-bladers, joggers and walkers all getting out to enjoy the extraordinary weather. The weatherman said the high was 58°F, but it seemed warmer -- and on the asphalt corridor warming itself in the sun, it probably was.

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Anonymous said...

sunday here in sw corner of michigan was the best day of the year. lovely sunshine lovely temps lovely breeze clear blue skies. just superb.