Monday, November 23, 2009

Segoe and University: Personally, I think a Tarzhay would be a big improvement

Personally, I Think a Tarzhay Would be an Improvement
This is the corner of Segoe and University at Hilldale that was excavated two years ago to make way for the bold new vision of developer Joseph Freed & Associates' new Hilldale: "Shop it. Live it. Love it." New condos were going to flank a big, new Whole Foods. Then the market softened, and the condos fell through, to be replaced by a proposed hotel and office building. Then those fell through. Then Whole Foods pulled out. The hole remained.

Now Target wants to build a store here, in their new urban configuration. Some object to bringing in a Big Box. Others are tired of looking at the Big Hole. I think the novelty has worn off the hole. Sure, it added a nice backdrop of seedy urban grunge to the glitzy Hilldale scene, but eventually that gets tiresome. A Tarzhay would be a nice change of pace -- especially for downtown and near west shoppers who want to buy a pair of socks at a reasonable price without commuting to the far western burbs.


Anonymous said...

A Tarzhay

lol that is phunnie !! that is how we pronounce the store's name also. lol

Anonymous said...

If they put an artistically designed Green Roof on the building, it would be just fine for the residents in the condo building next door.

Target could be a big leader in Madison in defining GORGEOUS green roofs.

froggyprager said...

I am ok with a Target there too. I kind of have a 'if you can't beat them join them' feeling about it. I wrote a blog post about it when the idea first came up and I still agree with my initial thoughts....