Sunday, November 22, 2009

Start of Brett Favre late-season collapse? Not.

It's late in the third quarter, the Minnesota Vikings are leading the Seattle Seahawks, but the Vikings' starting QB has come out of the game. Is Brett Favre injured? Has his 40-year-old body finally succumbed to the rigors of a long NFL season? Is this the beginning of his predicted late-season fade, expected by lots of folks based on his poor performance in the final games of last season with the NY Jets (when he was playing injured and not making a big deal of it)?

Um, not exactly. Favre was healthy enough for a personal career-high 88% passing day (also a Viking single game record), completing 22 of 25 pass attempts for 213 yards, with no interceptions and four touchdowns -- the 22nd time he has done that, breaking Dan Marino's career record for most games with four TD passes. Oh, and a not-too-shabby QB rating of 141.7.

So why did he leave the game? The coaches wanted to rest him and give Tarvaris Jackson some playing time. Maybe everything has worked out for the best with the Packers trading away Favre. The Packers really do need a young quarterback who can take a physical beating, because he has to play without the protection of an offensive line. If Favre were still in Green Bay, he'd probably be in the hospital by now, instead of resting in the fourth quarter. His new team gives this NFL legend the perfect way to extend his playing career.


Susan E. Falk said...

lol, awesome commentary.

Anonymous said...

witness stafford with the lions. he got hurt AGAIN in the game vs the browns yesterday. the lions' o-line is among the worst if not the worst and stafford's career is going to be severely shortened as a result.

why waste a #1 draft pick on a QB when you need a complete o-line ???

makes no sense.

rakeback said...

Brett Favre is slapping around every NFL defense he faces this year, and I havent read one experts take that suggested he isnt the MVP so far. 24 touchdowns and 3 interceptions is just absurd.