Saturday, October 31, 2009

Weird beyond belief: It's Halloween night and electronic ghosts are playing baseball on my teevee

Halloween Night and Electronic Ghosts Are Playing Baseball on My TV
They say it's the World Series, and that the Yankees and the Phillies are playing in Philadelphia, but I find that hard to believe. This isn't the World Series that I grew up with. The Boys of Summer used to play their encore in the golden light of early October afternoons. Then they added games to the schedule, lights, playoff games, one thing and another, and then this year they start the Series even later than usual, so it runs into November. That's how they found themselves playing Game 3 on Halloween Night and after a rain delay the game ran past midnight EST, into the early morning rain of November 1. Weird.

When A-Rod hits his home run by bouncing his long line drive off a TV camera, it seems the perfect symbol of how our former national pastime has been transformed into a pure television spectacle, torn from its roots in the real world. After all, without the TV cameras, they wouldn't even be here, playing baseball in the cold rain of a Philadelphia night this time of year.


Anonymous said...

anaheim / california angels manager made good point - regular season played 162 games in 180 days - post season 8 games inb 20 days. teevee and too big contracts / too much $$$$ has completely screwed up baseball ( and all of professional sports ) and it is seeping down to collegiate and high school. effing money.

Anonymous said...

two words: t.v.