Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Why not put a community garden on the roof of that new downtown public library?

Urban roof gardens are catching on in other cities, but nobody seems to have done it with a library yet. Now that the City Council has approved the new downtown library, we have a rare opportunity to become the first city in the world with a community garden on the roof of its public library, according to Downtown Madison Community Gardens. The group supported the budget amendment that also passed last night, directing city staff to study the possibility. But I should let them speak for themselves: Check out the video I shot before the Council meeting last night of supporters Alex Richter, left, and Sue Rosa, right, discussing the measure.

Also at the meeting was one of the group's organizers, Jane Anne Morris. She was recently quoted in an Eat. Drink. Better. post about the proposal and urban rooftop gardens in general.
The push for more community garden space in downtown Madison started last spring after organizers started talking to residents at the weekly farmers market. After some discussion of space, someone suggested looking to the rooftops as a place for gardens to go.

“Once you think of rooftop gardens, your eyes look up and you see the city differently,” Jane Anne Morris, one of the group organizers, said.

From there, it was only a few suggestions to get to the idea of a public garden on the roof of the library.
Makes sense to me.

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