Friday, December 04, 2009

The Canada geese seemed to be talking about Madison's first snow of the season

Talking About the Weather
Canada geese in Vilas Park during Madison's first real snow of the season. At least they weren't driving. A couple inches of fluffy stuff started falling during the afternoon rush hour, causing numerous fender benders, slideoffs and rollovers and a few more serious accidents. There always seem to be people who need to relearn each year that the white stuff is slippery.

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Anonymous said...

14" to our North and East overnight and this morning - darn, it missed us.

Anonymous said...

we no longer use the word slideoff here'bouts. it has been banned. by april / may of 2010 that word will have been uttered and typed way too many times. way too gd many.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a pointilist painting! Terrific!

Citizen Reader said...

Sadly, I'm never surprised to hear of first-snow driving snafus. One of my favorite parts of working at home is avoiding idiots on the road as much as possible.