Monday, December 14, 2009

Does the conservative belief in individual responsibility end when it starts snowing?

Apparently so. That's my takeaway from listening to the Vicki McKenna show (WIBA-AM, 1310) when I was in the car this afternoon (something I rarely do as a Wisconsin Public Radio listener, but the radio was still tuned to the station that carried the everyPackers game). McKenna is Madison's best-known on-air conservative ranter, Madison's own female Rush Limbaugh, whose mission in life seems to be to blame Madison liberals and public officials for everything bad she can think of. For days now she's been having a field day with the city and county snowplowing after the recent blizzard.

Sure, the city made some mistakes. They could have done a better job. Mayor Dave said so and apologized -- but, jeez folks, this is ridiculous. We had a 14" blizzard and then the temperature fell down around zero, always a nasty combination. Everybody just had to suck it up and deal with it. This is Wisconsin, after all.

But here was McKenna complaining about her drive on County M: "I was white-knuckling it all the way, even with 4-wheel drive." Oh, the poor thing. Public officials and their inadequate snowplowing was endangering her life. Whatever happened to the conservative belief in individual responsibility? How about slowing down if there's too much snow and ice? How about taking responsibility to maintain control of your vehicle yourself? Instead, McKenna and her callers were complaining that government wasn't doing enough to help them.

But now the secret is out. Conservatives believe in individual responsibility -- but only until it starts snowing. Then they want the government to bail them out.


Sweetbabs said...

I think, just like always both sides need to suck it up and stop being such babies. Yes both sides are right. For one Madison COULD have done a better job and two you as a Wisconsin resident NEED to suck it up and either take a unpaid/paid sick day or take your chances and drive in it. Either way stop the fucking finger pointing especially with something so minor. Really, what children.

Sweetbabs said...

I forgot to add it is called common sense. Something I find most people are very seriously lacking these days.

Heather said...

I don't know what part of Cty M she was driving, but I travel part of that road daily to and from work and thought it one of the better plowed roads. Sure, one lane was cleaner than the other, but what do you expect with 25 mph winds gusting at 40 and blowing snow across the road as meteorologists said it would? And, being surrounded by open fields, there was a lot of drifting out there. It's called slowing down and driving to conditions, not speeding as many seem to do along that stretch of highway.

George H. said...

You said it right. Stop the whining.

Citizen Reader said...

Oh, I don't know. I do think Madison got hit with a bad combo of blizzard, then subzero temps, but really...ALL the snowplows on residential streets? What seemed so odd to me was that most of Madison's big employers, and all the hospitals, are right downtown on the Isthmus. And there's really only two big roads into that Isthmus: University and East Wash. You can't maybe spare a couple trucks for those streets and get a little salt down before the freezing cold weather (that you know is coming) shows up? As of last Wednesday noon most of the snow was done and the freezing temps didn't move in until much later, so I think a little common sense on the part of the streets dept. could have gone a long way too.

What was so odd is that the past two years have been pretty snow-tastic and icy rain weather, and I actually think the city did a GREAT job clearing snow both years. How could they do so well then and not now?

I also believe that if you want to rip people off for a new Central Library, the value and necessity for which is HIGHLY debatable (especially keeping in mind how "successful" the Monona Terrace mistake on the lake and the perpetually bankrupt Overture Center have been), then you've got to do a little better with some basic services.

I'm trying to keep the whine out of this. I'm not calling for Mayor Dave's head on a platter. But if I'm going to have to have common sense, I'd like the city leaders to display some too.

Anonymous said...

I drove on County M in a 2 wheel drive pickup with no weight on the back end and it handled fine. I just drove appropriately for the weather.

Vicki McKenna was probably mad because there was nobody out in front of her to roll out the red carpet. That or she thinks snow plows are a socialist conspiracy.