Sunday, December 06, 2009

The hardworking crew keeps the runway clear so the big planes can take off

The Crew Keeps the Runway Clear So the Big Planes Can Take Off
Most of Lake Wingra had a thin icy skin this morning, which didn't seem to particularly please the Canada Geese that winter over hereabouts rather than migrating. They're bigger than the migrators, and also seem smarter. Although they can take off and land on ice, they would prefer not to -- especially when it's new and could break under them. (It's understandable -- how would you like to run along the ice in your bare feet while beating your wings?) They seemed to have figured out that if they paddle along single file through the icy film on the lake, they could break the ice and clear a channel of open water to serve as a runway for takeoffs and landing, of which there were many.

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