Saturday, December 05, 2009

Lake Wingra on cold December day: This must be what it looks like when hell freezes over

Lake Wingra:  I Think This Is What It Looks Like When Hell freezes Over
It was very cold today, with a fierce windchill. Although it was sunny for part of the day, the white snow everywhere just reflected all the solar energy right back where it came from and it didn't warm up much. (Global warming remedy -- just cover the entire earth with talcum powder?)

I drove through Vilas Park with my camera. Mostly the usual hackneyed first snow scenes. Lake Wingra was still open, the shoreline fringed with ice and peppered with snow. The wind was whipping the waves up into a choppy froth. One result was this white foam, piled up by the wind along the shore next to the Lake Wingra Dam. It didn't act like any lake foam I had ever seen. It had solidified into these cells of frozen white glop, forming a regular, strangely organic pattern, the ridges hardened like baked meringue and edged with ice.

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Anonymous said...

Definitely NOT a "hackneyed first snow scene" - intriguing!