Thursday, December 17, 2009

Madison's Barnes & Noble opens up their wifi network because of their Nook E-reader

Barnes & Noble Opens Up Their Wifi Network Because of the Nook
The Nook is the new E-reader (and Kindle competitor) from Barnes & Noble. I'm not quite ready for an E-reader yet, though I stopped for a demo (the pages seem to turn a bit more slowly than on Amazon's Kindle, but I like the design of the Nook a lot more). But I love the impact of the Nook on Barnes & Noble. Because one of its unique features is that you can read books on the Nook for up to an hour in the store without buying them (just like browsing dead tree books), Barnes & Noble enabled public wifi throughout the store (previously their Starbucks cafe followed the usual Starbucks paid access model). So I was able to blog and Flickr while waiting to get tires put on at Sears. Woo-hoo! (The post onscreen is an upcoming post on water quality in Madison.)

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