Tuesday, December 01, 2009

President Obama announces $30-billion expansion of war on cancer to West Point oncologists

Telling West Point Oncologists About $30-Billion Boost in War on Cancer to West Point Oncologists
We're in Afghanistan to prevent a cancer from once again spreading through that country.
Surrounding himself with a military environment, patriotic symbols and medical metaphors, President Obama explained his Afghanistan treatment plan to the nation from West Point. Some in his audience were the very oncologists who will be charged with carrying out his anti-cancer regimen, which consists of targeting and knocking out al Qaeda and bad Taliban cancer cells, while distinguishing good Taliban cells, which may be turned into non-malignant cells with the right treatment. Or something like that.


Sweetbabs said...

This guy seems to be full of more bullshit then I originally thought. What a pile of crap!

Totally Disgusted said...

I couldn't even watch.
I'm starting to dislike Obama more than I disliked W., and I thought he was the most evil man alive. At least he was a moron. What's this one's excuse?
I'm never voting again, ever, I know that much.