Friday, December 11, 2009

President Obama's Oslo speech in 45 words

I was going to write a long post titled "Achieving peace through just war: Orwell meets Aquinas in Obama's Oslo speech," but since the speech was so weightless and is already in the process of being forgotten, it hardly seems worth the effort. I'll leave the commentary to one of the fans of the speech, Sarah Palin, who summed it up in 45 words if I'm counting right.
"I liked what he said," Palin told USA Today newspaper, even adding that she had mentioned similar themes about "the fallen nature of man and why war is necessary at times" in her recent book "Going Rogue: An American Life."

"Of course war is the last thing any American I believe wants to have to engage in, but it's necessary. We have to stop these terrorists over there," she added.
And that's why in Palinland we have to send 100,000 NATO troops, mostly our own, in pursuit of an estimated 100 of those Al Qaeda terrorists in Afghanistan, which comes to about $1 billion for each individual terrorist. In Obamaland as well. Isn't it nice that they agree?


Citizen Reader said...

Please stop posting about Warbama and his new BFF, Sarah Palin. I can't stand the absurdity of it, especially when I'm already tired from shoveling snow and being a nervous wreck about my husband driving on roads the city decided not to salt. Thank you.

Anonymous said...


may i steal and spread around the blogosphere ??

Madison Guy said...

Warbama is becoming increasingly descriptive. At this rate he could reach LBJ status before his first term is out. After all, at this stage of his presidency, LBJ had just been reelected by a landslide as the peace candidate vs. Barry Goldwater.