Tuesday, December 29, 2009

She's lovely -- and she's coming back soon

Coming Back in February
In case you missed Jay Rath's Isthmus story about the reappearance of Lady Liberty on Lake Mendota during the Christmas rush, you can check it out at the link.
"The face that launched a thousand postcards" is now owned by the Hoofers outing clubs, part of the Wisconsin Union Directorate. A volunteer committee is at work, planning for its appearance Feb. 7 through 15, during Hoofers' Winter Carnival.

"We're hoping for an easier time this year," says Paul Davidsaver, Hoofers council president. "There was a lot of restoration that needed to be done last year. We ended up getting it in pieces in the UW's Stock Pavilion."
The picture Isthmus used as an illustration was the photo I took last year, during the statue's first appearance on Lake Mendota of the new millenium.
I first saw the bicyclist as a tiny speck in the middle of Lake Mendota's frozen wasteland. Gradually he came closer. He looked as if he had ridden his mountain bike all the way across the lake. When he got to the Statue of Liberty, he got off his bike and stared -- like a weary traveler discovering that the mirage on the horizon is actually real, or at least something physically resembling reality. Only in Madison.
It's great to know that the condition of Madison's Statue of Liberty has been stabilized and that it will continue to reappear in the winter.

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