Saturday, December 12, 2009

What's a little snow for the UW Marching Band?

Band Practice
Not much stops the University of Wisconsin Marching Band. Certainly not snow and frigid temperature (the director jokes that he doesn't believe in wind chill). I was on campus late Friday afternoon and was looking for a way to get out rhough the clogged rush hour traffic when I passed the band on the practice field near Lot 60, where I parked illegally for a few minutes to take some pictures. As I approached they were debriefing after a number that was more energetic than coordinated. Of course it was energetic. The only way to keep warm was to move vigorously.

"We'll do it one more time from the top, and then we'll be hanging it up for the day," the director said. "It's about 8° (F). They say you can't really blow when it's colder than 18° (F). So you're doing great. The wind chill? I don't believe in wind chill."


Anonymous said...

how f***ing stupid is that ???

that band director should be charged with something.

maybe the band director will believe in frsotbite or hypothermia after somebody's extremity ( toe, finger, nose, etc ) has to be amputated.


isn't there an indoor facility available at a BIG 10 school for cryin' out loud ???

Madison Guy said...

Whoa, lighten up. He was joking. I was trying to suggest that they were hardy, not foolhardy. It wasn't very windy. And nobody looked to be on the verge of hypothermia. No reports of band members reporting to emergency rooms with frostbitten extremities.

Anonymous said...

well okay. after being forced to practice / train / work in that kind of weather over the years i have suffered frostbite, hypothermia and walking pneumonia and i do not like martinets nor taskmasters. sorry for the rant.

Anonymous said...

As one of those on the field when you were taking that photo, I can say this:

We were perfectly fine. Almost everyone is in multiple layers, and practice at that time isn't the full 1.5 hours we typically do in warmer weather.

And we were a little uncoordinated because our turf was still a little icy. It looked great yesterday, believe me.

Happy New Year!