Friday, January 01, 2010

2009 in About One Minute

Here's my 2009: A year in Pictures set scrolling by in just over a minute. Most are personal moments or things that just caught my eye, day-to-day, though there was the green interlude in the spring when I just pointed my camera at T's tulip bed every day until they bloomed. Occasionally national events made an appearance, snapped off the teevee -- like Pete Seeger singing at the Inaugural Concert. Once a public figure stepped into range of my camera, when my Washington-Minneapolis flight also carried Senator Al Franken. But mostly it was pretty mundane stuff. If you'd like to click through to see any of the individual pictures just follow this link to the set.

I didn't think I'd join another picture-a-day group after this one was finished. I'm not sure it's all that great for photography. Often you find yourself just shooting a picture to shoot a pictures. But now that I have a set representing the whole year, it is sort of interesting to page through them all. So I don't know. I might do it again, though if I do, I think I'll join a group that accepts videos as well as photos. But I think I'll take a few days off before making up my mind.

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