Friday, January 22, 2010

Roger Ebert doesn't suffer fools gladly, especially if they're conservative blowhards

I think this is hilarious:

Actor, conservative Republican and former Senator Fred Thompson on Twitter:
Dems r worried bec Sup Ct said Corps have rght 2 free spch.They should just b relieved they weren't giving them rght 2 bear arms #tcot #ftrs
Film critic, cancer survivor, liberal, blogger and tweeter who's giving his inner ironist a pretty good workout these days Roger Ebert:
Yo! It B funny when old farts uz Textspeak 2 seem 2B cool. 140 enuf 4 any dude, u think?


Kenneth said...

The subjunctive "It B" is a little jarring. This doesn't strike me as a Twitter usage.

Anonymous said...

Thompson is supposedly joking - but if corporations are "persons" insofar as having a right to free speech, aren't they also "persons" insofar as having a right to bear arms?

How long until all bouncers at clubs are packing heat?

What about Walmart Greeters?