Monday, January 04, 2010

Eyes on the Super Bowl?

Eyes on the Super Bowl?
I've grown disenchanted with the corporate mayhem of NFL and college football, but I can't help but continue to follow this amazing athlete, often pointing my camera at the tevee as I do. Two weeks from now, Brett Favre will become the first 40-year-old QB to start an NFL playoff game.

By trouncing the NY Giants today, Favre led the Vikings to a second seed and a bye in the NFC playoffs. What was he thinking? That he finally accomplished what eluded him the last two seasons, that is, taking his team to the playoffs? Weighing the chances of playing the Packers for the third time this season? (Could happen in two weeks if Green Bay wins and Dallas loses next week. If Green Bay and Dallas both win, then the Vikings wouldn't meet the Packers until the conference championship the following week, assuming Green bay bumps off #1 seed New Orleans -- and that I read the standings right. Stranger things have happened.) Is he thinking back about having one of the best seasons of his career, finishing near the top of the QB ratings, and making believers of some -- if not all -- of his detractors, all at an age when most NFL QBs have long since hung up their cleats? Or does he just have his eyes on the Super Bowl?

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Anonymous said...

2 bad the vikes CHOKED last week against the lame ass chicago bears. the purple didn't start playing until about halfway thru the 3rd Q and then it was 2 late. bozos.