Saturday, January 30, 2010

I sent my grouchy email to Amazon today

I let Amazon know what I think of their delisting Macmillan. (After having such a hard time finding their email thingie that I needed to use Help to find it.)
I'm a long-time Amazon user and rely on it not just for books but for consumer products like electronics and photo equipment.

I'm outraged by your delisting of Macmillan books. I don't care how you and your corporate partners wrangle among each other, but don't take it out on your customers. I'll be shopping elsewhere until I receive some assurance that this ridiculous negotiating strategy has ended -- AND WON'T BE REPEATED.

And meanwhile, I'll hold off on any e-reader purchase until after the iPad is available for purchase.
Let Amazon know you expect them to keep their customers in mind while they fight with their suppliers.

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