Sunday, January 17, 2010

Somebody in the Metrodome played like Tony Romo on a great day, but it wasn't Tony Romo

It was the old guy. Brett Favre became not only the oldest quarterback to start an NFL playoff game, but he became the oldest to win one. And "win" is an understatement. The Vikings demolished Dallas and humiliated their star quarterback, Tony Romo, sometimes referred to as the next Brett Favre. Not quite yet. The 40-year-old quarterback seems to be his own next Brett Favre.

With a career -- and team -- record of 4TD passes in a playoff game, Favre is now just one game away from the Super Bowl and some more records. In addition to an awesome defensive effort by the Vikings, Favre was 15 of 24 for 234 yards and no interceptions and had a QB rating of 134.4. Not bad for the old guy who many said should retire to his front porch and his rocking chair before the season started. The New Orleans Saints may soon wish he had.

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Brett Favre has been the most consistently dominant player in the NFL this season. 37 touchdowns and 7 interceptions so far says it all.